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DCM provide a rapid wasp nest removal service 7 days a week for homes and businesses throughout Crawley. Our wasp control is both affordable and professional giving you a quality pest control service every time.

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Every year wasps come out in force causing problems around homes and gardens.
We provide our wasp control service 7 days a week for only £59 inclusive. We guarantee we will treat your wasps within 24 hours but usually the same day as you call.

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We have built up a superb reputation for our swift and professional service. Wasps will build their nests in some difficult places but wasp nest removal Crawley can reach these with ease using our high reach systems. Each treatment will normally take only 10 minutes and will take full effect within couple of hours.


The treatment for both wasps and hornets in the same. We use a powder applied directly to the nest entrance to kill all the wasps. Once the nest is dead it will remain unused because wasps build a new nest each year so removal is not necessary.
If you find a wasp nest please don’t ignore it. As the queen wasp produces more eggs on a daily basis the nest will continue to grow with numbers reaching over 20,000 wasps on some nests!


We try very hard to provide all our customers with a same day wasp control service and if you call us before 1pm we guarantee it.
Please bear in mind some treatments will take longer than others depending on the location and available access to the wasp nest.
There are two ways to book your Wasp Nest Removal in Crawley. You can either give us a call on the number provided or send us a quick email here.

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